Blue Berry


Long-lasting bodystoned sensation.

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Blue Berry is Indica dominan. Blue Berry is known for its fruity, sweet flavor and pleasurable high. Blue Berry can also be grown outdoor in colder climates. She has massive trichome coverage for outdoor. An awesome flower-to-leaf ratio makes it easy to manicure.
Blue Berry has a fruity, earthy aroma and a berrylike, sweet flavor. It has a long-lasting bodystoned sensation.

Feeling: Relaxed 62% Happy 55% Euphoric 47% Sleepy 40% Uplifted 32%

May help with: Stress 40% Pain 33% Anxiety 29% Insomnia 25% Depression 24%

Causes: Dry mouth 30% Dry eyes 18% Dizzy 7% Paranoid 5% Headache 3%


Half ounce, Ounce oz, Quarter pound Qp, Half pound Hp, Pound Lb


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